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7 Rounds of bingo, each round with a different challenge. Our Bingo Night will get competitive spirits firing in a fun, friendly way. Rate- $400 (*additional cost if you want us to provide the prizes)

  • 7 Rounds = ~75 minutes
  • Hilarious tiebreaker challenges
  • Fun for all ages
  • Great way to partner with local businesses for prizes for the winners!
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Trivia night that is a fun, silly test of knowledge on pop culture, movies, tv, animal facts, and more! Rate- $400 (*additional cost if you want us to provide prizes)

  • 7 Rounds of trivia = 90 minutes
  • Can be played in teams or solo
  • Trivia round themes can be customized
  • Great way to partner with local businesses for prizes for the winners!
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Sit back and enjoy professional comedians right to your door. Rate $300

  • Comedy Night = 70-90 minutes
  • Content rating: Speaking like adults without being offensive, devise or grotesque (can be adjusted by request)
  • Past shows have included stand up comedians, storytellers, improv groups and musical comedians. (Video Samples available by request)
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Have your residents sing their hearts out! Rate for 3 hours is $500 (rate adjusted to length of event)

  • Karaoke night = 3 Hours (Can be adjusted)
  • Any song is possible!
  • Sound system, microphone, karaoke screen, Put On Host
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Game Show Night

2 Different styles of games for residents to play

  1. Resident Feud- Family Feud style round robin tournament. Rate = $400
  2. Residents Against Humanity- Residents will compete in teams with “fill in the blank” style silly questions. Rate = $400
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Something Else In Mind?

Let us help add to your event! 

Need an extra hand for your event? Want to add a small comedy performance to your event? Looking to hire an emcee? We got you covered.

  • Let a Put On Host emcee your event
  • Add a comedy element to your next event
  • Want help adding humor to your presentation or speech?
  • If you think we can help, ask! We can figure something out
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