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Our suggested plan is: Bingo- Trivia-Comedy.

The ordering helps build the familiarity with my events in an easy and accessible manner.

1) Bingo is the easiest to attend because it is the most well known and requires the least amount of prerequisites to join in and play. Bingo first gets residents familiar with our style of events, which puts less pressure on trivia night.

2) Trivia Residents will get to know our loose and silly style, so more attend this next event, not fearing they won’t know “what kind of questions will be asked”.

Lastly, is comedy night, which people can be hesitant of what the content will be like, but with the past events establishing trust, there will be more excitement around the event. In the past, I have received interest from people excited to see what style of comedy we do after attending a trivia or bingo.

Booking the 3 as a package deal will result in a reduced price!